Travel Mugs for the urban commute – Hot coffee on-the-go

It’s Monday morning and you’re delayed by rush hour traffic, or jammed at the train station once more, and you’re simply in pursuit of a hot coffee for the morning meeting.

One of many of your travel mugs has leaked in your bag, or the contents have gone cold. You rush to your local café for an on-the-go fix and, but just as you arrive at the office, you spill hot coffee or tea on your desk resulting in a useless paper cup only fit for the bin. If you’re familiar with the urban commute, then you will know exactly what we are talking about!

We are travellers, commuters and photographers on an adventure to stay in keeping with our environment. In the age of advanced smart phones and tech to keep you fit and manage your daily schedule, a leak free, design conscious, eco-friendly coffee mug is much needed.

The ultimate reusable insulated travel mugs and coffee cups

That's why Earthwell set out to make premium high performance and design conscious drinkware. Vacuum insulated and leakproof Earthwell Rooster travel mugs will keep your hot drinks hot for up to 10 hours thanks to TEMPLOCK™ and won’t spoil your morning meeting. From A to B and back, enjoy hot tea and coffee all day. 

For the morning commute

Black Earthwell Roaster Insulated  Coffee Travel Mug with leak proof lid. Designed for hot coffe, tea and cold drinks.The Earthwell Roaster™ with loop cap is vacuum insulated and designed for sipping and drinking and includes a wide neck for filling. Earthwell everyday coffee travel mugs feature high-performance 18/8 stainless steel vacuum technology with fully insulated and leak proof lids. The Earthwell Roaster Loop Travel Mug is available in three sizes, three colours and fit into most car cup holders.

Earthwell Insulated tumbler and cups

Earthwell Vacuum Insulated Tumbler for Hot Coffee and Cold DrinksDesigned to look and feel great, this insulated tumbler is the perfect companion to your Earthwell Roaster™ travel mug, or for those who prefer a more conventional coffee cup in the office. The vacuum insulated tumbler will help maintain the temperature from your hot and cold drinks and the stainless steel construction prevents taste contamination from previous drinks.