Earthwell Technology – Keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold

Staying hot

Our insulated bottles and travel mugs feature Earthwell TempLock™ double walled vacuum technology, meaning that whether you are on the busy morning commute, or avoiding the afternoon slump, your coffee or tea will stay hot up to 8 hours – ready for when you are.

Keeping cool (and avoiding drips) 

Want your cold drink in the park or on a sunny beach after a long week? Earthwell insulated flasks and travel mugs keep drinks cold for 12 hours (30 hours when iced) and you can guarantee that the wait was worth it. 

Keep water marks off your desk and prevent your bag from getting wet with bottle condensation. Non-insulated bottles cool down and if they cool down enough, the water vapour is condensed and turns to liquid, beading up on the surface of the bottle. Earthwell products won’t sweat, thanks to the Earthwell ThermaGrid™ waffle insulation to prolong the temperature inside. No longer will you need to worry about water marks on your desk or the contents of your bag from getting wet with bottle condensation.

The perfect feel

All Earthwell vacuum insulated bottles and travel mugs feature EarthGrip™, a powder coat finish process which is tactile, easy to grip, extremely durable and available in a range of natural colours. The EarthGrip™ finish has been developed to be dishwasher safe as well as to ensure a good grip, even in wet hands. The range covers larger ‘growler’ bottles (Earthwell Kewler) and smaller more everyday use insulated water bottles, flasks and travel mugs such as the Earthwell Roaster.

All feature wide necks to enable easy filling with liquids and ice cubes, as well as easy cleaning and rinsing.Earthwell technology for Earthwell water bottles, travel mugs flasks and insulated tumblers.

Hot and cold drinks on the go

Insulated caps and lids prevent heat loss and are easy to drink from. The vacuum Kewler™ Cap and Roaster™ Loop Caps feature a premium quality fully insulated lid for the travel mugs. Made using the same ThermaGrid™ and Templock™ technology the caps can be popped open to take a drink without removing the cap, avoiding the worry of spills, leaks or heat loss – keeping your drinks at the right temperature for longer. 

Earthwell double walled vacuum insulated bottles and travel mugs are made with 100% food-grade stainless-steel and welded to create a vacuum for durable, dishwasher safe and leak-proof water bottles. All backed by a lifetime warranty.

The attention to detail shows in rounded seams for all drinking contact points. The bottles feature either a patented 18/8 stainless-steel lid or an insulated BPA free plastic lid with patent pending technology. 

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