Backpacking and camping essentials – water bottles, flasks and tumblers

Earthwell Cups and Flasks designed for your outdoor adventure

Getting away from hustle and bustle of everyday life to being closer with nature and the great outdoors is something that we all look forward to. From weekend camping and exploring local woods, to braving outdoor expeditions and adventure travel around the world, there's nothing quite like sipping a hot coffee or refreshing cold drink after a hard day's hike.

Of course staying hydrated for any outdoor activity is always essential with water often the single most heaviest item you'll carry when on a backpacking trip.

Earthwell has a range of high-quality stainless steel water bottles, flasks, insulated tumblers and cups to make every trip more enjoyable. So once you've cut your toothbrush in half and removed all non-essential clothing, create some space for hot coffee or cold beer with our backpacking essentials.

For the trail

View from a tent of a woman sitting in camping chair with Earthwell Woodie insulated water bottle

Earthwell Woodie™ Water Bottle

Precisely crafted and lightweight. The Earthwell Woodie™ single-wall bottle is a timeless design and solid choice for backpacking adventures.

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For the long walk 

View from tent looking out of tent to camping stove. Woman standing with Earthwell Roaster Insulated flask for camping.

Earthwell Roaster™ Loop Flask

If you are on a long distance walk such as the the Ridgeway Trail or wild camping in Peru, having cold drinking water or your favourite evening beverage can be a challenge and having enough cold water to last the day or weekend will impact upon how much weight you're carrying in your backpack.

Our Large Eathwell Roaster™ Loop Insulated Flask is the ideal choice for long walks. The double wall vacuum insulation keeps hot coffee hot for up to 10 hours, iced-drinks chilled for up to 40 hours and can also be used to keep beer cold for up to 16 hours.

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For wild camping

Man backpacking on a gravel road with an Earthwell Cup attached to his backpack.

Stainless Steel Cups and Insulated Tumblers 

Being in the great outdoors and wild camping in remote parts of the world offers a chance to reflect, breathe and think about what is important in life. Eathwell believes in protecting wild places and our flasks, cups and tumblers help remove the need for single-use plastic cups, ensuring we leave zero waste in these environments. If you are looking for a cup to drink your favourite cold beverage or share a beer with friends around the campfire, make room for Earthwell stainless steel cups.

Extremely durable and lightweight, our Earthwell Cup can also be clipped and carried by your side with using the Earthwell silicone LoopD® Ring Handle and S-biner Clips

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